Frustrations with the GOP.

This is a bit personal maybe. But I have been the campaign coordinator for Georgia for Ron Paul in Haralson County for this campaign. Today, I attended the district convention of the GOP electing delegates to the national convention.

My thoughts: 

Today I attended the 14th District Republican Convention in Dalton, supporting Ron Paul. Really, it was quite sickening. The Republican party at this point, functions in almost exactly the same way the Communist Party of the Soviet Union did. A committee is elected by a bureaucratic elite that consists of members of the bureaucratic elite who select certain establishment people to be delegates andeverybody gives there approval with no debate. It’s a completely closed off enterprise run by elitist snobs. Outsiders are not welcome. We got one alternate spot because somebody else dropped out, but by and large it was just sheep bleating for more big government. A bunch of fake conservatives. Even the tea party has totally degenerated into crap, it seems they might even have invited us to a breakfast feigning good will to see who supported Ron Paul so they could vote against us. The Haralson County GOP has pretended to be nice to me again and again and again while being totally uncooperative and not even returning our phone calls and emails. They wouldn’t even let us be a delegate in this state convention despite assurances that we were welcome. And to top it all of, the Vice Chairman of the Floyd GOP threatened to kill the district coordinator for our campaign with a gun, which is a terroristic threat. Charges have already been filled there. But for now, I am sick and tired of the Republican Party. And sick and tired of that entire class of people that claims to be Pro Constitution, Pro Free Market, and Pro Liberty, while supporting tons of unconstitutional measures, tons of restrictions on the free market, the federal reserve system, and candidates like Newt Gingrich.



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