Trayvon Amendment


I don’t know what happened to Trayvon Martin. I will not pretend to know the details of the case or what really happened that night. I will wait for the Jury to render a verdict before I really analyze the issue. I do not know if George Zimmerman was telling the truth. I do not know what kind of man he is. Regardless of what happened that night, it pains me that Trayvon was killed.


However, the left, in the words of Rahm Emmanuel, knows “”You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  The left is using this tragic incident as a pretext for acquiring more power to itself to use for unrighteous purposes.

Many states have what are called “Stand your ground” laws. Basically, if somebody breaks into your home you can shoot them as long as they are not running away. These laws are based on the very idea of property ownership, if we own our home/land we have a right to defend ourselves and our families against hooligans who would harm or kill us.

Democrats in congress however, seizing this tragic incident, and even naming this amendment after Trayvon, are attempting to push through a bill in congress that would essentially force states to overturn laws that allow them to use deadly force against intruders.  Instead people would have to “retreat” when somebody breaks into there home.


The State, is assuming the role of God.

1. It is acting on the assumption it owns all property in the nation and can determine the rules for how people defend themselves on it. But only God owns all property(Psalm 24:1), and we can see from the 8th and 10th Commandment that God has delegated parts of the earth that he owns to property owners, that they may temporally , but legitimately  own. To both tax peoples property and to tell people they cannot defend themselves on it is to transfer the ownership of the property away from it’s rightful owner to the “god-state”.


2. This, like all forms of autonomy, punishes the Law Keepers and protects and exalts the Law Breaking. As socialism always does, reversing the tide of God’s Law, it punishes the Innocent and Exalts the guilty.  We can see this in Abortion, Welfare, and now on this amendment.


3. The unconstitutional system we have now makes this feasible. Today the Federal Government is sovereign over the states and has the power to coerce them. This is not the constitutional way, we are supposed to have a limited federal government, with states rights. Today we have a massive federal government that “lords it over” the states. This is not how America was intended to be run.


Another day, another advance of power for America’s “god-state”.



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